Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He made it to Mexico!

After an emotional goodbye, Mason left for the Mexico City Missionary Training Center today, but what excitement we experienced when we received our first communication from him this afternoon.  Here is his first email, written just as he arrived to the Mexico City MTC:
 "So I made it!  The flight from San Diego to Phoenix was short and there were no other missionaries on board that flight.  However, when I get to Phoenix, I found a few other missionaries at the gate and I introduced myself.  Let me tell you how weird it is to introduce yourself as Elder Snow for the first time, my goodness! It felt so weird! I was starving, so I dragged the four guys around to go get food with me, and it turned out that two of them were also going to the San Antonio mission..crazy right? 

Before I continue, let me just say how DIFFICULT IT IS TO TYPE THIS RIGHT NOW. The keyboards are different down here, the keys are in different places! It feels so wrong hahah.

Anyways, back to the story. As we were eating, this guy comes up to us and asks if we´re elders.  We said yes, and he seemed a little odd at first but then we discovered that he is also Mormon, and he just chatted with us for like an hour; it was fantastic! 

He asked us where our name tags were and we were like, "uhhh we´re heading to the MTC in Mexico right now to get them," and he was blown away because he thought we were elders coming HOME from our missions hahah. Not quite. He told us all about his mission in Mexico City and showed us pictures and told us how amazing of an experience it was, and man this guy was cool. He was giving us such great advice and just telling us all these cool things in Spanish and teaching us stuff to help speed up the learning progress while we´re here. He also offered to call our parents or text them and I took advantage of that. 

Well, after that we headed back to the gate, we met even more missionaries and started hanging with them.  Then, we flew to Mexico...I slept most of the time, so it wasn't too bad. 

It´s so awesome here, though. Everyone drives so crazy and its so ghetto through the slums of the city... hahaha I love it. There are SOO many people here and murals and art all over the walls and its just insane, it´s so cool. I just got to the MTC like 15 minutes ago, so I haven´t been able to see much of the property yet, but I hear its absolutely gorgeous. They say it´s the most beautiful MTC in the world...but I´ll be the judge of that . Well, that´s about all I have for now..I wish I could sit here and write more but I think they´re wanting me to go find my room now. I love you all..." - Love, Mason

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