Saturday, November 16, 2013

4 weeks down, 2 to go.... at the MTC

What is this, week 4? I don’t even know. Whatever week it is, it went by quick!  Here’s the update, since last Wednesday.

I’ll start with the massive migraine i got Thursday night that kept me up all night.  I don’t know what the heck happened, but I woke up in the middle of the night and shaaabam, my head felt like it was being split. I was pretty nauseous too.  The next day was tough.  I have trouble staying awake all day, during all my study hours as it is, so it was hard. But, I went to the doctor the next day and he gave me something like prescription strength Aleve in America, but you can get them over the counter here.  I took one of them right then, but eventually just gave the rest away to people who had headaches throughout the week because my head was feeling mas or menos.   I gave one to elder Goodspeed, and another one to Hermana Nishyguchi (learned how to spell her name, heck yeah!).

I’ve had some pretty good lessons with my investigators, Juan and Judith. We taught Juan all about the word of wisdom.  Then he asked some questions about law of chastity.  So, guess what we taught him next time? Law of chastity! We kept it really basic:  We talked about the commandments and how they bless us, talked about what the law of chastity was, then gave him a folleta (pamphlet) and we were on our way! We taught Judith about the restoration.  I did most of the lesson because elder Odle was going to do the First Vision for her (by the way, I have the first vision memorized in Spanish but not English, weird right?) and man did he nail it. The spirit was so strong. I was showing her the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus appearing to Joseph Smith, and the spirit was so strong.  Man, it was awesome. OH! Then we invited her to church and she said no.  But she said no last time, so I was persistent this time.  She was telling me she likes going to parties Saturday night (after we heard that, we decided we were going to teach her word of wisdom in our next lesson, which is tonight), and she said her head hurt on Sundays, but I had JUST gotten my pills that day from the doctor so I reached into my pocket and pulled them out and I said "my head hurts too! But guess what, I go to church on Sundays, so you can too!" I said it much more casual than that; it didn’t come off that rude. Long story short: she is coming to church! 

The language is actually coming along better than I thought it was.  I’ve been focusing a LOT on gospel study the past little while, not so much language.  My language skills are pretty far ahead of the people in my district, due to living in CA and taking Spanish in high school.  Speaking of gospel study, I’m in 3rd Nephi.  It took me all week to get through Mosiah/Alma/Helaman. Not quite as quick of a week as usual, but it’s okay. I still did good.  Last night I was playing ping-pong with elder Odle (we are super tight now; he’s like the only person in the district who never annoys me) and these two Latino elders walk in and he spoke really fast, but I totally understood him.  He said, "excuse me elders, we don’t know where the towels are, do you know" which I’m pretty sure comes out to "disculpeme elderes, nosotros no sabemos cuando los toellas, ustedes saben?" I probably just butchered that because I can’t spell, but I felt totally cool telling him where to get them J

We sang in the devotional on Sunday. It went really well.  I was wearing my light grey suit with my blue tie (Man, did I look good).  It was in front of a few hundred missionaries.  The MTC president and his wife made a point of finding us afterwards and telling us how great we performed, and how they wished they would have recorded it because they liked it so much. They said we were the best special musical number (singing) they have had in a while.  They were very impressed that our whole district could sing.  I’m convinced they just couldn’t hear me singing though, because they wouldn’t have said that if they did, haha. 

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That devotional was cool; the MTC director spoke to us.  He is this really young guy who has only been back from his mission for 10 years.  He has 3 kids and basically runs this MTC.  He is not the president, but he still runs this place.  He spoke a lot about jumping into the work and not looking back at our former lives, because it would inhibit our work. He talked about “Lots wife,” you know, the chick who looked back at Saddom and Gomorra, and then turned into a pillar of salt.  He said the reason she turned to salt is because she looked back longingly.  We need to not look back at our former lives longingly. It was a really good devotional. Then, last night’s devotional was a live broadcast from the Provo MTC.  We heard from Elder L. Tom Perry.  He just talked about the importance of companionships and talked about one of the best Book of Mormon companionships ever: Alma and Amulek (which I knew ALLLLLLLLLLLL about because I just read that section).

Ok, time to tell you about volleyball this week.  So, there are these elders who just got here like two weeks ago: Elder L and Elder P.  They are both pretty cool and nice guys, but they’re kind of still living in the good ole high school days and walk around the campus like jocks.  It’s pretty funny.  They recently have been playing volleyball with us, and we keep score (oops, not supposed to do that) and MAN, does Elder L get into it.  He is the reason missionaries aren’t supposed to keep score when they play haha.  It was so funny, though, because he is about 6’ 2 or so, and has a full ride to Harvard on a football scholarship.  He even has special privileges from his mission president to throw a football for an hour a day on his mission, to keep his arm good.  So he thinks he’s the bee’s knees.  He really is super athletic, though, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just funny seeing how seriously he takes it! Well, he was getting SUPER fired up during the game yesterday because the game was very close.  He got a beautiful set (I was on the other team), and he went up to hit it and he SMASHED it…..RIGHT into my hands.  I absolutely stuffed this kid harder than anyone has been stuffed in the history of the world.  When he got stuffed, he just turned around and went back to his spot in silence.  But, his face was BRIGHT red, and I could basically see smoke coming out of his ears. He was biting a hole in his thumb trying to contain his anger hahhahahahahah.  It was so great.  It is sad to say THAT was the proudest moment of my MTC career right there.  SO funny, man. 

I bought you guys all Christmas presents.  I got you all Mexican jerseys with your names and numbers embroidered on them.  They are pretty cool, authentic Mexican jerseys.  These are jerseys you would spend 90+ bucks on back home, and I got them for 35 bucks a pop!  The prices in Mexico are unbeatable, man.  Every weekend, since the store closes on Friday night, Elder Odle and I stock up on snacks.  We buy TONS of food, and we always walk out of there spending like 6 bucks tops.  It feeds us for the whole weekend! It’s great! I’ll send you the jerseys when I get to Texas, and I’ll also send you a box of bueno bars.  They are delicious Mexican chocolate bars you can only get down here. Just make sure to give Amber a couple of them!

That’s about it for this weeks adventure.  I love you all and I miss you like crazy. See you next time!

P.S.  When i just said see you next time, I totally wanted to finish it with "See you next time...on DRAAAGGON BALLL Z"  I miss that show.

Elder Mason Snow

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