Monday, January 20, 2014

WHAT was in that TACO?

JANUARY 20, 2014
Hey, how's everyone doing?! ANOTHER week, man it goes quick!

I have to be quick today, on account that it is Martin Luther King day, and the library is closed.  Therefore, I don’t have access to the normal computer.  I’m just quickly emailing from a members house to let you know all is well, but I can’t take up much time!

Just a couple of fun updates from the week.  For some reason, my apartment is now super into playing Disc Golf.  Elder Gray has a disc golf set and there is a course here in New Braunfels, so that's what we do on pdays now! Oddly enough, I’m pretty good at it.  I realized that if I throw the frisbee overarm like a baseball, I can throw it significantly farther and straighter than any of the other guys - haha.  It’s awesome! Super fun.  I bought a disc golf driver last Thursday.  Cool stuff, huh?  I’m such a nerd.

What else happened...oh, a member, brother “A,” took us out to breakfast one morning this week.   It was on Thursday.  I tried some pretty weird tacos.  I didn't know what they were… until afterwards. I thought they were good, but…… I apparently tried a taco that used cow face meat, a taco that was the fried intestines of the cow, and a lingua taco, which is cow tongue haha.  They were all good though! Sweet stuff. 

Thursday, my companion and I did a training in a zone meeting, as well.  It was on obedience.  We did well.

Also, this Sunday, I gave a talk in church about the blessings of the temple.  It went super {super} well.  I was very satisfied with how everything went this week….. except….

I blew ANOTHER bike tire this week, so I was pretty unhappy about that for a few hours on Friday.   I’m pretty sick of blowing bike tires haha…’s really digging into my funds.

Well, I’m sorry I don't have much time.  I'll make it better next week.  See ya!

Elder Snow

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