Sunday, February 16, 2014

ANOTHER TIRE bites the dust...

February 3, 2014

hello everyone! good to be back, I hope everyone had a great week!

This week, on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to help the “R” family move into their new home.  It was awesome! It took a few trips and a few hours, but it was cool because I got to wear normal clothes for a few hours.  It was a nice little break.  However, the bummer is that my legs have gotten flippin’ huge from riding the bikes everywhere, so my old jeans that I used to LOVE are skin tight on me. I was so sad haha.  I still wore them, though.  I don't care; I’ll wear them skin tight.  OH, and it was freezing, so there was no way I was wearing shorts!

Wednesday we went out to dinner with brother and sister “M,” and they took us out to a nice Mexican restaurant.  Then, we went on visits with them for the rest of the night! The thing you have to understand about brother and sister “M” is they are...THE most missionary oriented old couple I’ve ever met. They went on a mission already, and they go out on visits EVERY NIGHT. They just got back from an extended trip to California to help family, so that's why i haven't talked much about them so far.  But, I’m sure I’ll be writing a whole lot more about them the upcoming weeks. They are signed up to feed us every week, and to go out with us after dinner every time. They love going to see investigators, and this entire TOWN loves them.   Loves them.   Loves them. Sister “M” will knock a door and someone will answer and literally hug her and kiss her and tell her how much they missed her while they were away. They’re so inspiring!  They could be doing so many other things, but they are doing everything they can to build the kingdom. They’re awesome {AWESOME} people.

Thursday night, we went to dinner with brother “K.”. I’m sure I’ve talked about him before.  He goes out with us nearly every week.  He's so missionary oriented!   He's only been living here in New Braunfels for like 6 months, and he's actually planning on moving again very soon. BUMMER.  I like him a lot.  Since they haven’t lived here long, the missionaries are their best friends.  We went to dinner at their house, played with the kids, then went out on visits with brother “K” for a while.  He, then, took us to get ice cream.   

We gave brother “K” a blessing that he would be able to receive the necessary revelation for his family as to whether or not he should move.  His wife actually does a super cool thing, too.  She "records" priesthood blessings, as in, she writes them down.  Well, the important things mostly. I thought that was super cool.  She says she often goes back and looks at them, as if they are patriarchal blessings. How awesome is that? Well, we gave him the blessing, and the next day he went to the temple and got his answer.  He's moving.  How cool is that, though?  They're such a great family.  We had ice cream with them and they just didn't want us to leave. It’s kind of a bummer sometime being a missionary, because we build such great relationships with people.  But you still have to work.  I'd love to just hang out with brother and sister “K” all the time, but I can't unless we're going on visits or something. Hence why brother “K” takes us out on visits time. He loves hanging out with us and doing the Lord’s work. 

Saturday, I blew another tire.  It was the same tire that I put the green slime tape in, thinking it was foolproof now. NOPE. Blew another one.

I had an awesome lesson with R&S. “R” is an investigator.  They’ve been coming to church, and “R” says he wants to be baptized (long way down the road though, as they’re working on some things).  But, they both committed to quit smoking on Saturday! How awesome is that! We taught a bit about the restoration. We watched the "origin" Mormon message, and then talked about the Joseph Smith story. It was fantastic-such a great lesson.  The spirit was so strong. “R” is for sure getting baptized in the future. I probably won't be around, but he will. He's such a great guy.

Sunday, I wore my glasses to church. Nobody recognized me. They all thought I was a different elder. It was hilarious hahaha. 

That’s it for this week! I love you all and hope you enjoy this week!

Elder Snow

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