Sunday, February 16, 2014


February 10, 2014

hey hey! another week! The weeks go by so fast, man.  It's crazy, crazy, crazy!

So, let's talk about some of the stuff that happened this week, shall we?

I sure had a lot of fun!  We went on 3 exchanges this week.  The zone leaders asked if Elder Wright (my companion) could go work with them because one of the AP's was sick.  So, I got to work both areas of New Braunfels with Elder Gray and elder Swonson.  Man, it was so fun.  We got to visit some people I've never met before, including a less active member who was trying to get reactivated.  Since it was in their territory, it wasn’t someone I’ve ever met before.  It was a woman that lived in Germany for the last 10 years.  She's super super cool.  We watched early father Heavenly Father with her.  It was great!  

Then, we went over and visited with my little buddy “A,” but he wasn't feeling too well.  So I just taught him the first couple parts of the plan of salvation, then taught him the 10 commandments.  Then we got out of there because he looked like he was gonna yak.  We’re going back again on Tuesday, so no worries!

After that, all three of us went down to the basketball courts because it was like 8:30 and we couldn't go visit anyone else.  We talked to a bunch of guys down there and told them who we were and what we do. Then, we played basketball with them for a little bit, in our missionary clothes, and then we taught a 30 second plan of salvation with one guy.  It was great!

The last exchange was just the other night. The traveling assistants (aps) called at 8:45 and said they'd be here in 15 minutes to go on an exchange.
Elder Rogers came and lived with us for a day, and it was pretty great.  He's like...THE happiest person I’ve met in my life.  It was kind of weird.  I don't get how he could be so genuinely happy and dedicated all the time. Blew my mind!   I mean, I fake it for people when I’m maybe not having a great day, but he just seemed SO STOKED ALL the time. It was weird haha. Nicest guy ever, though.  He left me a little note in my “Jesus the Christ book, which I found today.  The note basically complimented me.  I barely said anything or did anything, but he was just complimenting me for whatever i did. Great guy. Elder Swonson liked him a lot, too.

Okay, that's it for exchanges. What else happened this week?  Oh, I popped ANOTHER tire! 6-week streak yeaaaaaaaaah! 
Some else that was fun:  Brother “K” had his birthday on Wednesday.  I made him a peach cobbler. It was fantastic. I made it during my training hour (I got ahead in my training...I've actually kinda been done with it for a while, so that's just extra study time for now). and then we took it over later in the day as a surprise. He was so stoked. We had cobbler and ice cream that we brought him.  Then,  he was like hey you guys want to go to dinner?  Of course we were like, psssh YEAH sure, sounds good.  He took us to a habachi grill!   You know, one of those expensive places that cook the food right in front of you and entertains you with all the cool tricks they do when they're cooking.  It's AWESOME - freaking amazing.  It was the greatest thing ever. And, the food was so good! ah man it was great.  I’m going back today actually! It’s Elder Grays birthday I made him a cobbler too. He loved it. And, we’re going to that restaurant again.  I'm so excited!

Last cool thing that happened: We went to “H” and “L’s” wedding! “H” is the man I invited to be baptized my FIRST day in the mission.  We went to their wedding on Saturday, and we bought them some gifts.  They were these little Jesus mugs that have scriptures.  They're so funny.  We thought it was funny; you guys probably won't. Missionaries think everything is funny haha.

The wedding was great!  It made me SO happy. They seemed so happy. I seriously just about cried. Then, we got some food and told them we had to go, and we then rode a looooooooong bike ride home in our suits.  And, guess what? “H” is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY! I’m super stoked - I can't wait. It’s going to be great. FIRST baptism is coming up, on the 15th of February!

That’s about it for my experiences this week. I hope you guys had a good one! Love you!

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