Monday, March 31, 2014

2nd Bike Crash in 2 Weeks!!

March 24, 2014

So, this week was pretty sweet! It flew by too, my goodness. crazy crazy, I'm getting transfer calls this next Sunday, so lets hope I stay another one; we have lots of work in this area and I wanna stay! hahha. Anyways - lets get into this week.

This week, we found a new family. The “W” family. They're absolutely AMAZING. So freaking sweet!  They are a part member/less active family, and the parents were both military and the dad was just like this special forces guy;  he's just a flippin’ boss.  He's so cool haha. They love us, and they're wanting us over for Sunday dinner every Sunday now, and we're thinking that the dad (not a member) is interested in taking the lessons, because he actually just accepted a blessing from members of our ward this week. We’re excited to find them, and we're super excited to see how it goes! They have 4 kids: 14 year old girl, 11 year old boy, 8 year old boy, and 4 year old boy. All the boys love baseball, so I immediately had an in with this family haha. We went over yesterday and I played catch with the 11 year old and the 4 year old for a while. The 4 year old is super funny; he just calls me "snow" and he's always wanting me to watch him and play with him. He's such a stud. We had a great time with them, and we're super excited to start working with them!

So it's official! “A” is being baptized this Sunday, March 30th! and i'll be the one performing the baptism! super cool, I'm super super excited.  It's going to be a great experience. I wish you could all meet this family; they really are fantastic. I'm becoming like a part of the family.  “A” is basically like a long lost brother and the dad is super super legit. I think the reason I like him so much is because he's a lot like my own dad; same sense of humor and interests and everything. He's awesome. We got the baptism set in stone, so we're super excited!

We met with the “B” family again this week and they've officially been taught everything! “S” even went to mutual this Wednesday, and we were there, and we played some basketball with him for a while and got him to fellowship with the other young men. THEN, he went on the camp out on Friday, and he absolutely LOVED it! He's super excited and he can't wait to be baptized. We're meeting with them tonight, and we're going to try to set a date. He's ready, I know he is, and the Lord knows he's ready. i'm so excited for him and his brother. They're just so sincere and they want to change and become better, and they already have such awesome testimonies. It’s inspiring to see a 15-year-old kid be this awesome. It makes me look like a turd. I was so lame when I was 15. But, yeah, he's so great. I was sitting next to him in church this Sunday and he leaned over to me, and he's like "hey, where can i get some shoes like yours? I feel bad for wearing my normal shoes to church.  I want to wear some nicer ones" and I was like "well that depends, what size are you?" He replied, "10." And, I was like "alright we'll talk about it later." But, it was just so cool that he wanted to be that much better. He already dresses up and wears a tie and wears matching shoes.  They're just a little beat up, and he wanted to know how he could get some better ones so he could look more respectable at church. 

After church, we went back to the apartment.  I have acquired quite a few pairs of shoes already, so I grabbed a couple pairs of my shoes and took them over to his house let him pick between my pairs of dark brown and cordovan shoes. He picked the dark brown ones. Good choice; they matched his clothes better. And, they were my newest pair of Kenneth Coles.  They were good looking. He's got a good sense of style. He was just so excited though and so stoked to get them; he gave me a hug and everything. It's just so cool to see people change and become better and WANT to become better. I don't know, it's just great haha.

Oh, I crashed my bike again this week. It was also a fluke. Pretty lame. I was wearing shorts this time, so I got a little scrape on my knee, so at least this time I have battle scars.  I am sending pictures to my for the blog! 

That’s it for me this week! hope you all had a great week! love you, seeya!

Elder Snow

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