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No Crying Over Spilt Milk

March 17, 2014

hello hello! this week's events, coming up! I had ome sweet stuff has happen this week.  I'll try to do it in chronological order, but I forget a lot of the time so bear with me haha. 

Tuesday, we went to Brother W’s house (whom I’ve mentioned a couple times before) to do service. Elder Wride and I pulled weeds for a couple hours on a beautiful day; it was so nice. Those of you that read this that have served missions know what I mean when I say it's awesome to do service for people, especially during the early hours of the day between like 12-3.  So, while we were doing service, we saw these guys knocking door to door trying to sell, from what it looked like, security systems. Wlder Wride saw them and was just like "dude I bet you those guys are mormon… no, i promise you those guys are mormon." As we were watching, they actually got in someone’s house, so we kept weeding.  But, then they came out and one of the guys was walking across the street and he started talking to us, trying to sell, but we talk to people for a living so we saw right through him. Elder wride just like stopped him and was like, "can I ask you a question? are you mormon?" and he was like "well yeah, i am? how'd you know?" and we were like "psh dude we're mormon missionaries, we're just doing some service right now so that's why we're not in our regular clothes." and he started laughing and starts talking to us. Then ,the guy he was working with came up to us and starts talking to us, and the first guy is like "yo these guys are missionaries!" and the guy was like "no way!? guys, okay i'm gonna give you my name and number, I'm the manager around here and this company is nationwide, so when you guys get off your mission give me a call alright? You guys are perfecting an art out here serving your mission, and you could do great with our company. Tell you what, just because you're missionaries, we'll give you a $3000 dollar signing bonus." He was totally trying to recruit us! hahah it was so funny. We ended up just talked to him a bit and took his card and he was like "seriously guys don't lose that card; I'm telling you, you can do big things! Especially the one that lives in san diego, our company is huge out there!" I thought that was pretty funny.  I mean, I'm never gonna do it, no thanks, i don't feel like knocking door to door trying to sell security systems, but it was still pretty cool. 

I got your care package mom! You sent me that powder stuff and it inspired me to want to eat healthier, so I've actually been eating a lot healthier this week, but it's hurting the funds haha. Eating healthy isn't cheap! But it's sweet.  I hear Brennan is getting ripped back home and I just can't have my little brother be way better looking than me, so I gotta try to work a little harder on my physique haha. oh, and speaking of Brennan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it's tomorrow, but I just wanted to let him know now because I probably won't be able to tomorrow.

Back on track. We got to teach three SWEET lessons this week. We taught “A”, S&J, and the “M” family. First, we taught “A” about the commandments using jenga haha. we like to play games for lessons. It's fun. It went really well! He learned all the commandments, and his grandpa was there for the lesson (who isn't a member), so we're hoping that “A’s” baptism and these lessons will spike an interest in his grandfather.  We also set a for sure date for the 30th of march for “A”.  It's locked in, it's happening, we're so excited. I can't wait! we've been stopping by “A’s” a lot lately too just to make sure he's still doing good with his reading and praying and stuff, and he's been doing pretty well. we went over once to read with him and we sat on his front porch and read with him and “E”, his 5 year old sister. I don't know if I've told you about “E” before, but she's my favorite person in all of New Braunfels.  She is so dang cute, and she has the BIGGEST crush on me. I'll have to send you pictures next week of all the pictures and things she's made me. I have them hanging up on the fridge and my wall and everything.  She painted this big picture with colorful hearts on it, and she made me this other thing in primary with pictures on it, and she gives me a new picture every time I come over.  I love “E” haha, she's so dang cute. I told her I'd write her on his birthday, which is October 9th, and she almost started crying she was so happy. ah man she's great.

We also taught the “B” family this week, and we brought brother and sister “M” with us to teach them. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ, using the Mr. Egg lesson.  It's pretty fun; I'm sure you all have seen the little science experiment where you put a match in a bottle and put a boiled egg in the top and have it suck into the bottle? well, we make a lesson out of that, and it always like blows kids minds, it's so fun. We taught that lesson and man, “S” is so golden.  He is so ready to be baptized. His family is sort of wanting him to take his time, which is fine, but I can tell you right now he's ready to be baptized. We've tried setting a date with them, but he hasn't been able to confirm any dates yet. We're hoping for the 29th of March, or the 5th of April, that's the goal.  I can't wait to baptize him though; he's so awesome. He comes to church, week every week with his brother “J”, regardless of whether or not the rest of his family comes. It's amazing.

We taught the “M” family this week as well;  it was an...Interesting lesson.  We watched the mormon message about the currant bush and talked about trials in our life and other stuff like that. I shared 2 Nephi 2:14, and talked about how we need to have sorrow in order to feel joy. 

It was going well, and then I got the courage to ask sister ”M” (not a member) if she'd be interested in learning more about what we as missionaries do, and be interested in taking the lessons, since she's been coming to church.  She was like "oh, I've been talking to the internet missionaries for months now.”  I looked and Elder Wride, and we were kinda just dumbfounded for a second and I was just like "oh man that's great! I had no idea you were doing that!" and she was like "oh yeah we kinda kept it a secret on purpose." I just laughed, and I was like "so they've been giving you Book of Mormon reading assignments or how do the internet missionaries work?" and she was like "oh, I've read the whole book of mormon. i did it in 30 days." Our jaws just dropped. We were like "uhhhhhhhhhhhh" we didn't know what to say. It was super interesting. We're definitely going to try to start teaching her if we can!

Okay so on Wednesday, we had like the best day ever! It was something called "Camp Helaman." it was freaking legit. Basically, for three days, the young men in ALL of our stake, learn about the life of a missionary and play missionary for a few at a camp.  On Wednesday (second day of the camp), they had EVERY real missionary in our stake go to camp helaman, and every missionary was paired up with two young men, so we were all split from our companions for a day. We worked with our young men and helped them learn the lesson we were going to be teaching later that day, and helped them practice so they could teach the lesson. Then, after we spent about 3 hours working with our young men, we went out into the real world and taught REAL LESSONS.  It was nuts. We had a driver take us to our appointment at 6:30, and we went to meet J and L… people I've never seen or met before because they aren't in my area. We went in there, and I basically had the kids teach the lesson, and I cleared up stuff at the end...but oh MAN it was such a powerful lesson. Like, those investigators were golden; i'm so jealous of the missionaries in the Kyle area. They had never been taught before; that was the FIRST lesson, and I got to be one of the missionaries that taught them! it was sweet though, my guys were so freaking nervous about the lesson haha. I got dealt a pretty tough hand.  My two young men were a little different. One of them was super shy and nervous, but he did absolutely great. The other one had Asperger’s, and he was a little tough to work with...but he did absolutely fantastic. The spirit was strong; we invited them to be baptized and they said they would.  It was a great lesson. Then, afterwards, we knocked doors for an hour and a half! It was awesome; the kids had a great time. I got to build a really good relationship with those kids, so it was a super cool experience. they felt the spirit very strongly and they really loved it. I’m glad I was able to have a little bit of an impact on those young men so they could hopefully be a little more prepared when it comes time for their mission.

Last thing I wanted to mention is kind of just a funny story that happened.  I think it was Thursday night.  We were heading home at like 8:40 because our appointment fell through, and we didn't have anywhere else to go, and we needed trash bags for the apartment, so we stopped at HEB to get trashbags. While I there, I bought a gallon of milk, oats for oatmeal, and some greek yogurt or whatever it is ('cause i'm trying to eat healthier remember?).  We were on bikes that day, so we had to ride bikes back to the apartment, no big deal.  I'm doing just fine.  I have all my stuff in the two grocery bags and its kind of on my left handle bar, and literally RIGHT at the entrance of my apartment, the milk falls through the bag and smashes on the ground and goes everywhere, and I look back and I'm like ……"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" and Wlder wride starts laughing. Then I start to turn around to pick it up out of the street, and the grocery bags were on my left handle.  As I turned to my LEFT (for those of you that don't know, your front brakes are on your left handle), and as I straightened out my handle bars, the remaining groceries got caught in the little brake handle and they basically slammed on my front brakes without me realizing it.  At which time, I went over my handlebars.  Oh, but to make it better, the New Braunfels Elders (elder gray and elder swonson) were pulling in RIGHT as it happened, and they started honking and laughing and making a big scene, which made everyone else in the area see what just happened. As I got up, I was so mad.  I took off my helmet and threw it into the bushes and tossed my bike out of the street and go to pick up the stupid milk that I dropped.  Afterwards, I got it all cleaned up and had like 10 people come ask me if I was okay. It was super embarassing. I was totally fine; I wasn't even going that fast; I just went over my handlebars and landed on my hands and chest.  It was pretty funny. I was angry for like 20 minutes, but then i realized how funny it must have looked, so i got over it haha. alllllllllllllllll because of the stupid milk haha. Anyways, that's it for this week!

Have a great week, love you all, talk to you next week!

Elder Snow

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