Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transferred to San Antonio

APRIL 7, 2014

Well, I’ve been transferred!  The new area is San Antonio 1st ward. I think I'm in the east side of San Antonio. I live in a SUPER nice apartment; I love it!  I live with Elder Montgomery (my new companion), Elder Miller, and...ELDER GRAY…again! hahahah He became Elder Miller’s comp so we live together now again. 

In our apartment complex, there are 10 missionaries in total, including us.  There are a couple senior missionaries, two sisters (but they're in a different district).  In the next building over, are 2 other elders, IN OUR DISTRICT, named elder Tapia and Elder Sioka.  Elder Tapia is actually from Mexico, but he moved to Utah when he was 7; He’s fluent in Spanish. Elder Sioka is from West Samoa, not American Samoa.  He didn't even know English before his mission...and he's called to speak SPANISH.  So, he had to learn English in the MTC, and now he's in his first Spanish area.  He's a stud.  He's officially my best friend.  He said he wanted to move back to the US after his mission, and I told him he could live with me. He’s a convert. He's so funny. Elder Sioka and Tapia come over every night and every day during Spanish study, and Elder Tapia helps us all with our Spanish.

My new companion is Elder Montgomery.  He has only been out for 10 months, but his Spanish is super super good though.  He's freaking huge. He's 6 foot 8;  I'm 5 foot 8.  He hits his head on doorways. He's a basketball stud too, and a super cool guy.  Believe it or not, he's the 2nd tallest in the TSAM.  There's one other guy that is actually taller.

My apartment is REALLY nice. It's kind of weird, because my area is somewhat ghetto. It seems totally safe and fine, though.  It's actually pretty fun. I get to meet all kinds of fun people.

So, I have to tell you something you probably won't like.  On my way to transfer meeting, we had our bikes on the rack in the back, and the bike rack flew off while we were on the freeway.  Basically, my bike is totaled. Mine is in the worst shape of all 3 of them.  At least I am in a car area this transfer, until we figure out what to do.

The text you received on Thursday night was from Sister Heifner.  She is GREAT!  She is super nice; She’s only been a member for 4 years, and she's such a stud. They're ward missionaries, and she and her husband do more as ward missionaries than missionaries do!  If we have any questions about our area, we can ask her.  She's fantastic!

Well, that's all for now.  I'm just getting settled in.  Will have more next week!

Here’s my new address:
3903 southeast military #10104, San Antonio, Texas 78223.

Have a great week!

Elder Snow

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