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AUGUST 4, 2014
So this week not a toooon happened, as far as missionary work; we had to do a bunch of miscellaneous stuff throughout the week. so one of the missionaries last sunday, elder steggell, was called to be an AP, so another missionary has been living here the past week and we've been doing a lot of going back to his old apartment, getting his stuff, blah blah blah, lots of weird stuff. one time this week another set of missionaries car broke down, so we had to help them fix it and that took nearly the entire day. so we had a bunch of stuff like that happen unfortunately, but that's alright.
one cool thing that happened though.  Saturday, elder vega and i had a pretty long day...on our way home we got some icecream. a whole tub, half gallon tub, of bluebell chocolate chip cookie dough. we got back to the apartment and demolished it in one sitting, we ate the ENTIRE thing hahahah. insane. i've never eaten that much icecream before. i definitely didn't feel that good afterwards though haha.

anyways that was pretty much everything this week! we got transfer calls on sunday, and elder vega and i are staying another one together! we're suuuuper stoked! gonna do work!  We were blessed with a lot of baptisms last month, and we gotta keep up the work!

D&C 4
 4. For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

Hope y'all have a great week! love you!

AUGUST 11, 2014

yoyo! we had a pretty sweet week and we had some pretty funny stories, so i'll just hop right into it.

so first off we had transfers this week. elder funk received his new companion, elder McCombs, who is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper legit. i love the kid, he's super cool ahah. he's the perfect perfect example of balance...unfortunately you see a lot of missionaries that turn into robots and lose their personality because they're trying so hard to be perfectly obedient, but every so often you find one that just does it right. he's obedient, loving, charitable, super nice, but he's also understanding and super cool and just a real fun guy. we're definitely going to have a great transfer, that's for sure!

okay so we've met some more than interesting people this week..”K”, “A”, and “J”. “A” is about 40 years old; he stopped us while we were biking one day and asked us if we could come over and start teaching him, so we were like oh wow, sweet, yeah! so we went over there, and he's like..well he's interesting.  We were teaching the restoration and talking about prophets, then he kind of proclaimed to us that he thinks that he is a prophet and wondered if he could write his own books and add them to the book of Mormon.  “J” was a referral we got from some other missionaries.  We ended up going by a few weeks after we get the referral, knock on his door, and we hear from behind us "oh, it's the mormons!" and we turn around to see this sweaty older guy wearing short shorts and no shirt, but he has this teeny tiny little black leather vest unbuttoned on haha. “K” was a media referral we got, and he told us he wanted us to come by as soon as we could because he was interested in meeting with us. When we finally find his apartment, we knock on the door and he answers it with no clothes on but he's got a pillow covering his lower area, and he says, "yeah guys it's not a good time, come over Monday night" and he closed the door. Yes, we do have some funny experiences.

But, we did have a great lesson last night with the “S” family.  It was a really really powerful lesson on eternal families.  We’re pretty excited about them. 

Anyway… that's me! Have a great week, love you all, seeya!

AUGUST 18, 2014

CRAZY week!
Alright, so some changes have been made...
We got a call on Wednesday at 10:30 am from the assistants to the president. The call went a little like this.
"hello this is elder snow"
"hello elder snow, this is elder steggell! so we're making some changes. elder vega is going to be transferred, another missionary went home for medical reasons, and we need him to fill his spot. meet us at the mission office at 12:30 with all of elder vega's things. elder snow, you will now be companions with elder funk and elder mccombs (the guys i live with). you three will now cover both the parkwood area and the young single adult ward, alamo 2nd. see you at 12:30! click."
We were dumbfounded. This totally came outta left field, we had no idea. The other crazy thing that happened is i got a call the day before from Elder Montgomery saying he had to go home early for medical reasons Basically, within a day, I lost two companions. Elder montgomery is home until further notice, and elder vega was transferred to fill elder Montgomery's spot in san antonio 5th ward.
It was pretty tough, not gonna lie. elder vega was like one of my best friends, we were super tight and the ward loved us being together, but the ward especially loved him. so he was pretty bummed out…especially since we had just gotten calls the week before saying we would be together for another 6 weeks.

On the bright side of things! now i'm with elder funk and elder mccombs, and we have a car! woohooo! no more bike… no more bike! i'm so excited. and these two guys are great, oh man. it's seriously so much fun. elder mccombs is one of the zone leaders of our zone, and elder funk is our district leader. it's pretty legit. they're both super super good missionaries, and they're way chill and fun and obedient. They are the epitome of balance. We’re having tons of success! now that we're covering both wards, we have tooooooons of work to do. we're literally just teaching all day, it's nuts. And, we have 3 baptisms planned for this transfer, so i'm way excited for that.
That's basically it for me this week. Teaching lessons and baptizing with elder funk and elder mccombs! having a blast, working hard serving the Lord!
hope yall have a great week! love you!



so this week..wasn't crazy eventful or anything, it was just a really good week haha. it's been an absolute blast being with elder funk and elder mccombs. they're both really seasoned missionaries, and they know what they're doing, and they know how to have fun while working hard. we're pulling the highest numbers in the zone for two weeks straight, it's been great. we have 4 people with a date right now, and as of now they're all set to be baptized. we're super super excited! I'm having so much fun. Nothing better than doing the work of the Lord, and having fun while doing it! love you guys! have a great week!

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