Monday, September 8, 2014


September 1, 2014

okay! it's been another crazy week!

BUT, super fun!  Very productive and successful!

So, here goes!

This week, on August 30th we had a couple baptisms in the YSA Alamo 2nd ward (if you all remember, I am now covering both Parkwood ward and Alamo 2nd ward). The two baptisms were Joseph and Jonah. Therefore, most of the week was devoted to planning for the baptisms. 

On Wednesday night, we went to institute.  The building where we meet for church, the UTSA chapel, is actually the building that all of the young single adults go to for institute in ALL of San Antonio.  As we were waiting, this girl walks in and I recognized her from somewhere...As I was trying to figure out where…. I remembered.  That’s Sister Harston from 1st ward! Since I was only in that ward 6 weeks, I didn’t think she would recognize me, so I figured would just chill. But, when she saw me, she started freaking out saying "oh my gosh elder snow! it's good to see you..." blah blah blah.  

Mind you, I only met her two times.  Her family fed me twice (once being on mothers day) We talked for a minute, and she proceeded to tell me that even though I was only in the ward for a short time, and I didn't have the opportunity to get to know most of the people there, I had a huge impact on her. I guess something I said or did really had a big affect on her.  It was super cool to hear. She just continued to thank me profusely for everything i did.  I swear, all I did was make jokes and sing with Elder Montgomery for the spiritual thought, so i really don't know what she was talking about!  Then she went about her business.  It was super super cool, and it felt really good when she told me all that.

A couple minutes later, speak of the devil, I get a phone call from the missionaries FROM that ward – the SA 1st ward (my old area).  They called and told me the Pinguelo family, who I taught all the lessons to when I was in 1st ward, was going to be baptized on August 30th, and they asked ME to baptize them. I was blown away. super honored that they asked me to do it. I obviously accepted and rearranged the baptisms that we ALREADY had planned for the same day.

OK, fast forward to August 30th: the day of the baptisms. It was a hectic hectic day haha.

We had to fly down to the south side of San Antonio for the Pinguelo family baptism, which started at 10am. I was there, got all dressed, and baptized them.  I didn't have time to stay for the rest of the baptism.  I had to say my goodbyes and head out. We had to hurry back to our baptism, on the north side of San Antonio, where we hosted the service for the baptisms of Jonah and Joseph.

It was super super powerful – an absolutely incredible baptismal service. They both bore their testimonies at the end, and the spirit was present, and it was very very powerful. It was an incredible day!

By the way, Joseph  and Jonah were referrals we got from other sets of missionaries who were teaching them out of their areas (apostates, haha just kidding).

Also, throughout this week, we were able to find a new investigator, “S.” She goes to St Mary’s University, and is friends with members.  She’s great! She already wants to be baptized. We're super excited!

This coming Saturday (may have to be pushed back), we have a baptism scheduled for a girl we've been teaching named “B.” Then, the following week (September 13), we are going to be having a baptism for this sweet guy named “M,” who is totally ready to be baptized. He comes to church every week, even after he works a whole night shift at his job! Talk about dedication! He's the freaking bomb!

As far as the Parkwood area, we haven't had a ton of time to work in it, but it's still doing super good. We had an awesome, awesome lesson with the “S” family last night!

That's everything! Hopefully you guys had a week as great as mine Love you!

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