Monday, December 1, 2014


September 8, 2014

okayokay, so it was a pretty eventful week!

this week we were able to meet with quite a few people, but the lessons that stick out to me the most we were "M" and "S". "M" was a media referral we received, she was taught the first 3 lessons in Houston and then moved here for school...she's super sweet, and super golden! we met with her Thursday night, and we were on splits so it was just me and a member named Savon (Savon is freaking legit, he's actually a top 15 football prospect in the nation right now for college football. he's awesome, he and i are super tight). We went in to teach the lesson, and since Savon is a convert he was able to relate soooooooo well. i could have just sat there and let him take the lesson; it's good practice for him when it leaves on his mission in a couple months haha. just kidding, we taught together. he killed it though. we were able to set a target date of October 4th for her baptism, and she seems super golden! we're super excited! so we leave, and as we were heading out and walking back to the car, we realize....that the car isn't there anymore.  It was Savon's car. we were like uhhhhhh what the heck happened. Turns out it got towed hahha. mannnnnnnnnnnn i felt terrible. so we knocked on M's door again and were like "hey, so we got towed, can you give us a ride to the church?" hahahah it was hilarious. it was good though because Savon got her number (thattaboy) and was able to chat with her some more. He's gonna be a sweet fellowshipper for her.

Then we met with "S". S is super super super super golden. she just came to family home evening one night with her friend K, and we've been meeting with them ever since. she comes to every FHE and institute every wednesday, and she's reading the book of mormon like crazy. this last lesson we just answered a ton of her questions about the book of mormon, then we set her with a date for the 27th of september. after we left she texted us telling us she couldn't wait to be baptized. wooh! we're meeting with her again tonight, so we'll keep you posted :)

other interesting things to note; i'm officially the driver of the car now, elder mccombs license expired, so that's like the best thing ever haha. i missed driving so much. also, tomorrow we're teaching flippin' seminary. i'm not happy about that. i'm supposed to be there at 6 am tomorrow and do a 30 minute lesson on DC 4. what the heck. it's like 7 verses. what. i guess we'll just rely on the spirit or something, i dunno what the heck we're gonna do haha. 

that's it for me! have a great week!

love you!

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