Monday, December 1, 2014

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

heyhey! another sweet week! ...well sorta haha. so i was pretty dang sick last pday, not gonna lie. i wasn't actually able to go out to work until like...Thursday. i was in sick almost all of tuesday, then i got super sick tuesday night so i was in sick all of wednesday resting up. Then Thursday, we had a big huge zone conference thing that was like...7 hours long. it was alright....but we had a super super sweet opportunity to see the "Meet the Mormons" movie before it comes out! man it was incredible! it was such a good movie, like, such a good movie. i'm super excited that the church is releasing it soon to be in theaters. i highly, highly encourage all of you to go and see it, and invite friends with you to see it as well. it's a super good missionary opportunity! and if they're not going to be playing it in a movie theater near you, you can request it to play in theaters near you and they'll do it! it's an incredible movie, i hope you all take the time to see it. super funny and entertaining, but spiritual and informational as well!

The other sweet thing that happened this week was this Saturday...we had another baptism! Sue was baptized in the Alamo 2nd ward. i had the opportunity to actually find, teach, and attend sue's baptism, which is super cool. we've become super good friends with her and Carlie and Ryan, her two fellowshippers who invited her to start coming to church. they're all great. i haven't been able to visit with sue since they put me back in the Parkwood ward, but it was great being able to see her and everyone at the baptism saturday. she asked me to give one of the talks, too. it was way cool. i've never done that before. they didn't give me a topic to talk about, however, so i kinda just stood up there and made it up as i went haha. i talked about the tree of life (lehi's dream, 1 nephi chapter 8, and also chapters 11-14 for nephi's interpretation of the dream) and how she had just entered the gate. i then talked about enduring to the end, and how the iron rod would help her do that. i'm not sure what else i talked about. i felt like it went pretty well. then sue gave her testimony at the was freaking incredible. way way way sweet. i'm so excited for her. she's my 21st baptism! way cool!!!

Sunday night we had the opportunity to teach the Sinclair family again. it was great. super super good lesson. i'm getting to that point in my mission where i actually sorta feel like i know what i'm doing now haha. it's nice. we taught the plan of salvation up until the atonement. sister sinclair had a lot of really good questions. she's a very very intelligent woman, so it's awesome to be able to help guide someone and help them come closer to Christ. she's doing very well. Brother Mati, our ward mission leader, did great in the lesson as well. he committed them to come to church for 4 straight weeks...first general conference, then 3 more weeks, so she can see what a full month of church looks like, with all of the topics and lessons and stuff that we go through. i really feel that if she follows up with that commitment she'll be baptized, so we're super excited to see that one go through. 

that's about it for me this week! hope y'all have a great week! love you!

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