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OCTOBER 20, 2014

OCTOBER 20, 2014

hey hey! so it was a bittersweet week in the life of elder snow this week. on monday night, elder funk got a call from the assistants to the president saying that he was going to be emergency transferred to austin, full bike. Elder funk's bike was broken, and he has 7 weeks left, and all he wanted to do was finish his mission in this area. he wasn't so happy. i was upset too. elder funk is my best missionary friend, and i was soooo sad that he had to leave. so he packed up and left at 9 am the next morning. i went with them to drop him off. it was so sad. i had to see my good friend leave. and for some reason, his leaving really freaked me out. i've lived with him for 6 months and known him my whole mission, and when he left i just like...idk. i had a pretty bad anxiety attack on wednesday, it was super weird. super super weird. i dont' stress about anything! i always just thought stress was made up, but man i guess i experienced stress for the first time ever! hahah. i got all sick to my stomach and stuff...but after talking about it a little bit, i felt better. i'm doing good now :)

so the important things that happened this week...first, "R"'s baptism. so i guess i never talked about him before, but "R" is legit. when i was in alamo 2nd ward, the singles ward, with elder funk and elder mccombs, he just walked in to play basketball with us on a pday once. it was crazy. i guess he lived in the apartments near the church, and someone invited him in as he was walking by and he just balled it up with us! and ever since then he's been there every pday to play basketball with us haha. anyways, we started teaching him, me, mccombs, and funk. while i was there he accepted a baptismal invite to be baptized, and we taught him everything...and saturday he got baptized! he's super cool, he and i are tight. i love that kid haha.

alright so the coolest thing ever happened this week. we've been working with the sinclair family for a while sinclair is a member.  His wife, Gretchen, has been in contact with missionaries for a while, but didn't really start letting them over until me and elder vega started working on them. we're super tight, i really like Sis Sinclair a lot; she's super cool. well, this week we had 2 really powerful lessons with her. she's made a lot of progress the past couple weeks, she's come to church for all 3 hours and watched conference and has been reading, so we went into our lesson thursday night planning on finishing the plan of salvation lesson with her and inviting her to be baptized. 
we taught it well, she had a lot of good questions, and at the end we talked to her about baptism. after a while and some really good questions, she said "i want to think about it a little more." so we were excited about that, because we could already see on her face that she wanted to be baptized haha. we met with them again on saturday. we were going to teach the gospel of jesus christ, so we read 2 nephi 31 with her and her husband and kids and stuff. again, really good questions, she was doing great. then when we started talking about the holy ghost, i felt like we should go into more depth and talk about what kind of feelings the holy ghost gives us. so we flipped to galations 5 and talked about the fruits of the spirit. then i asked her "have you felt any of these feelings as you've been meeting with us, or coming to church, or reading the book of mormon?" then she proceeded to tell us this super spiritual experience she had had, and she didn't know it was the spirit until recently. 
We testified to her that it was the spirit, and we testified that everything we've shared with her will help her come closer to God, and that baptism will help her feel of the spirit more in her life. then i asked her again if she would be baptized on october 25th. she said "when are you leaving elder snow?" and i said "i don't want you to make a decision because i might be getting transferred soon, i want you to do this for you." and she said "no...i want you to be there. i mean...i never thought i'd be where i'm at today, i never thought i'd be this close to becoming a member of this church...but since you've been here, everything changed. we really want you to be at the baptism. yes, i want to be baptized on the 25th of october." i seriously almost cried. i was so honored haha. it feels pretty cool to have someone tell you that. it feels cool to make a difference. she's getting baptized! i'm so freaking excited!

that's it for me this week! seeya!

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