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NOVEMBER 10, 2014

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

howdy! ah man i felt super lame saying that. i kinda just went for it, it didn't feel right. i'm not gonna do that anymore. anyways, another good week for us in the marble falls area! not a whole ton to report, we've been doing a ton of driving and a ton of dropping by people. but we're starting to see a lot of success, that's for sure. this area has so much potential to baptize, like sooooo much potential. i'm just trying to take things a little bit differently, because as far as numbers, lessons taught, and baptisms go, the past year or so has been a struggle. so we're changing up a few things, doing a lot more service and a lot less member visits, and we had the highest numbers this area's had in months this last week! so that was exciting. we were able to get 5 investigators to church, which is pretty dang good. we're excited about that one. we have a baptism for the 22nd of november for a lady named "SA". she's soooooooooo golden. she's super cool. she has 3 little girls, one of which is 9 years old, so she's working on getting baptized too...she'll just get baptized a little after her mom. but "SA" is sweet, she texts us every day, telling us the stuff she's studying and reading and listening's so cool. she listens to general conference talks like..all day. she sends us referrals like every day of her friends and family that we should contact. she's so golden haha, it's so sweet. we're way stoked!

me and elder lawrence are having a great time together out here. it's nice..i kinda dig the country. everything is slowed down a bit. there's not really much to stress about, no just work and go all day, no worries, no stresses. well, missionary work always has it's stresses and stuff, but people aren't as fast paced out in the country. it's just nice, there's definitely a different feel and spirit to it out here. i enjoy it a lot. 

so good news! two of the young men that i worked with a lot in my last ward got their mission calls! "Y" and "H". they're leaving the same day! "H" is going to the berlin germany mission, and "Y" is going to columbia...bogota? something like that. they both called and emailed me and stuff, super cool. lots of the youth from my last ward are emailing me now, actually...its' super super cool. i feel like i was able to make an impact. that's one of the greatest feelings ever, haha.

other good news! sister "GS" from the parkwood area is getting baptized in december! i'm way stoked. i'm working out a way for me to be able to go down to see the baptism.

that's about it for me this week! hope y'all have a great week! latas!
Elder Snow

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