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DECEMBER 15, 2014

DECEMBER 15, 2014

hey! another good week in the life of elder snow. i'll keep you posted on what's happened in my life the last 2 months or so.

so i got transferred from my 6 month area of parkwood. it was a bittersweet day, but it was awesome getting to my next area, which was the Marble Falls area! it was super sweet! huge country area, i loved it! we had a truck and everything, it was so much fun. elder lawrence was my companion, he had just gotten out of training and we were super tight. we had a great time together. we baptized 1 person named "SA". she was so golden, so awesome. then, something terrible (at the time) happened...i was getting transferred after only 6 weeks in marble falls. i was devastated. it seriously rocked my world. i loved marble falls, and we had like 2 people with a baptismal date when i left, so i was super super sad. but, all is well! that brings us to where i'm at now - the city of Del Rio. yep, it definitely means "of the river." i'm not sure where they get these names from, haha. i got here a few days's so awesome here. my companion's name is Elder Hutchings. he's been out like...18 months. he is an absolute STUUUUUD. he was like a fireman and paramedic before his mission, played rugby, super sweet super cool guy. we get along great, we're super tight. his spanish is awesome too. we've been having a ton of success together, and a ton of fun. it's just been great. i'm surprisingly more happy here than i was in marble falls, which i didn't think was possible cuz i loved marble falls haha. so sweet, haha. 

so a cool thing that happened this was like my third day in this area. so be aware, my spanish is still awful. elder hutchings and i had a lesson in spanish with this man named "A"..he was a super nice guy from what i could gather, i was only picking up bits and pieces of what was going on. i was pretty dang confused. i was kinda just sitting there juco'in it (aka, not doing or saying anything cuz i was confused) and elder hutchings was doing most of the work cuz he's a stud. i hate just sitting there though, so i was really working hard trying to listen and understand what he was saying...then outta nowhere, i started to understand. i only understood for a few seconds, just enough to get where the conversation was so i could open my mouth...and i spoke, and i was able to speak some coherent spanish. it wasn't great, it wasn't pretty...but i was able to bear simple testimony of the savior and his atonement. then, it was gone. i was back to not understanding much, back to sitting there trying to think of what to say. for a moment there though the Lord blessed me so that i could speak. just for a moment. it was a pretty cool feeling. i'm by no means obtaining the gift of tongues yet...but i'm hoping with time and effort i'll get there.

i love you all! thanks for everything you do, thanks for all your prayers, and thanks for being great! have a great week, cya in 9 months! laters!

Elder Snow 

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