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DECEMBER 22, 2014

DECEMBER 22, 2014
hey! another pretty sweet week in the life of mason, we had a lot of success and a lot of fun. here are a couple of the highlights -
so last week we met this guy named "A". he's this younger black guy, probably like 25 years old. the sisters actually contacted him, but he lives in our area so they gave him to us. anyways we had an appointment at his place with him last week, and we met him and his buddy "D". we walked in and these guys were highhhhhhhhh as a kite. totally high. it was pretty funny. anyways, he's this super nice guy and he's been meeting with Jehova's witnesses and all these other people so he wanted to learn, so we were like, eh, we'll give it a shot, he probably won't go anywhere, but we'll teach him. we taught him the first lesson, and him and his friend "D" had tons of really good questions, they were super funny, we all had a good time, etc. Then we set a return appointment and gave him a reading assignment...we show up for the return appointment, not really expecting him to remember, and he totally remembered and proceeded to tell us that him and his buddy read the chapter we left them, and they had questions about it. we were like uhh...okay haha. so we teach another lesson, and again, they're super high hah. like, he straight told us "hey, gonna be honest with you guys i was just smokin' a joint before you got here, so if you get a contact high or something and get the munchies let me know, i'll hook you up with some snacks" hahahahah we laughed so hard. that was pretty funny. anyways, we taught him, gave him another reading assignment, and we met with him again later that week...and he did his homework and remembered the appointment, again! we're like what? this guy is actually progressing, what the heck? but again, he was high, and so was his buddy...but they had all these super good questions, and"A" is like super smart. he came up with all these doctrinally correct answers to his own questions, then asked us to confirm and we were like, "uhh yeah man, you're right, good job" haha. it was super sweet. he wants to get baptized, so we'll letcha know how it goes :D
next story. so elder hutchings and i were going to this guy named "T"s house..we had met him earlier in the week, he's an older mexican guy, kinda seemed like he had alzheimers but he told us to come back so we did. anyways, we pull up to his house, and what is in his front yard? nope, it's not a guard dog. it's a freaking GOOSE. yep, a goose. he has a guard goose. if you didn't already know, geese are freaking we walk around this goose and knock the door, and this stupid goose is losing it's mind. it's squawking and yelling and warning his owner that people are here. he's a wuss so he's doing it from a distance though. then, "T" comes rolling in in his truck from behind, and he's like "hey! my goose doesn't like you!" and we're like "uhh...sorry?" and then he proceeds to herd the flippin' goose TOWARDS us. now the goose gets brave, and it starts hissing at us and freaking out even more...but it really seems to not like elder hutchings for some reason. he just had a thing for elder hutchings, so he starts advancing toward elder hutchings...hutchings was just looking at me like "is this seriously real life?" and i'm just laughing my face off, i think it's hilarious. then the goose attacked him! straight up attacked his foot, so dang funny. i busted up laughing, i couldn't hold it in anymore. then "T" grabs his goose by the neck and carried it to the back yard. it was so weird...hahah. then we sat on "T"'s front steps and taught him the restoration. very weird experience haha.

anyways, that's about it for me this week. hope y'all have a great christmas! remember what the reason for the season really is: Jesus Christ. check out this video for a cool christmas message!
have a good one!

Elder Snow

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