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FEBRUARY 23, 2015

FEBRUARY 23, 2015

what's up what's up! pretty sweet week in the life of e. snow. here's what happened:

this week we had an exchange with one of the assistants to the president, elder hatch. it was pretty alright. we saw a lot of success, and we were super busy all day, i just kinda felt a little awkward during the day but that's okay. i'm pretty sure he was coming down to see how elder trowbridge was doing, i think they're going to make him a zone leader pretty soon here. but yeah on our exchange with elder hatch we taught a lesson to this guy named "R", who just showed up randomly to church last sunday. we taught him the restoration, and he's like...super set on being baptized! we're stoked! march 7th is the day. i'm super pumped for him! he's crazy ready, and i haven't been able to see someone baptized in a couple months, so i can't wait haha.

so saturday night we dropped by this guy named "AG", who's this super cool mexican guy who speaks only spanish. we had just gotten finished stuffing ourselves at a dinner appointment, and when we got to his place he was 100 percent banking on the fact that we were coming over to have dinner with him and his family. i ate so much i thought i was gonna be sick. elder trowbridge legit couldn't eat any more, so i had to eat his plate too. it was ridiculous. but we made some huuuuuuuuge strides with his family. elder trowbridge left me out to dry when he stepped aside to talk to "AG"'s son, "S" for like 15 minutes. "S" speaks english to us..."AG" only speaks spanish. so i was by myself with "AG". they were blasting some mariachi music from the truck and i couldn't hear anything he was saying, and everything i did hear i couldn't understand. it was so frustrating. he was getting really frustrated too that i couldn't understand him, but he's super nice and he was really patient with me and he kept repeating his story and his questions he had for me. i think i taught him about the word of wisdom...then he asked me about tattoos i guess. i didn't understand that part at all. i dunno. but hey, elder trowbridge basically got a baptismal acceptance from "S", so that's cool. i was dying over there with "AG", but trowbridge did great, so i guess it worked out. i was sweating bullets though i was so nervous and frustrated haha. whatevs.

so, the reason i told you that is because the next day, sunday (yesterday), i was assigned to give a talk in spanish sacrament meeting. you better believe i was freaking out about it all week, and even more so after my little stunt with "AG", not being able to speak spanish at all. i was told i could speak on whatever i wanted, and i prepared a TON for this talk. i was practicing all week long, and i had ZERO confidence going into the talk. i couldn't read the scriptures i had picked out without stuttering over the words, and the talk i had written out just didn't seem right the day of the talk. but i had done a lot of praying for help, and on sunday i actually did a short fast for some extra help. and, i mean, you guys know me...i usually don't get nervous for this kind of stuff. i'm usually pretty confident. but it was in spanish, and i had 10, 15 minutes to speak. i was so nervous as i walked up to the stand...but it was pretty crazy, i just started...and before i knew it, it was over. i spoke nearly flawless spanish. i was able to get through all the scriptures and all my notes and all the things i had written down with ease. i sounded very well, and i was able to deliver a good, heartfelt message and testimony to the members here in del rio. i spoke for about 10, 12 minutes, and for the first time my entire mission i felt as if i had been blessed with the gift of tongues. i mean, i just read the talk that i had written out off a piece of paper, and i didn't really get off script, so all i was doing was reading..but regardless, i was super stoked. i definitely received some help spanish sounded great during the talk, but for the rest of the day i still sounded like an idiot. the Lord definitely used me as an instrument in his hands to deliver the message that he would have me deliver in that talk. super super cool. 

well, that's about it for me! have a great week! love ya!

Elder Snow

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