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JANUARY 12, 2015

JANUARY 12, 2015

aight so this is what happened this week. we saw some pretty sweet miracles so i gotta make sure i write it down so i don't forget.

we found 14 new investigators this week. 3 families. it was unreal, i've never had success like that before in my entire mission. 

so recently we switched some areas with the sisters that work in del rio because they're in a car share and we have a full car, and it would make it easier on everyone. so we were going through some potentials and referrals out in the new area (val verde), because we had never really been out there so it was a good place to work. there was a referral from the spanish branch president, president ""M", for this guy named "JO". so we get to the house, and what do i see in this guys yard? 5. freaking. bears. well, they looked like bears, but they were dogs. they were MASSIVE. so we walk up to the gate, hoping they're nice...nope, they started freaking out haha. but we had a feeling that we needed to stay and try to get in, so we sat there and developed a plan for like 15 minutes. the more we watched the ring leader dog, the more we thought he was faking his we opened the gate, and elder hutchings started walking to the door (i was holding the gate in case he needed to run out, i was a wuss). hutchings kept walking, and the talk kept walking backward...but duuuuuuuude this thing was snarling and growling, it was so scary. then i had an idea. "hutchings, get outta there man i got an idea!" so he ran out and i closed the gate on the charging dog, and then we headed back to the car. i had JUUUST bought some bacon jerky a few days before, and it was sitting in the car, i had completely forgot about it. so i broke that bad boy out, and we started using the jerky as treats to get the dogs to like us (hutchings, i still stayed back) and to bait them away. we went for it...and we both almost got to the door (at this point i felt bad so i followed hutchings to protect him), and then...we ran outta jerky. yep, this dog wasn't being nice to us anymore after we ran outta jerky. he started freaking out, and he nipped at elder hutchings and we were like "oh crap oh crap oh crap." then, by some miracle, somebody pulled up in front of the house! we ran out and started talking to her, and she ended up being the wife of "JO". she went in and got him, and he came out and chained up the dogs and let us in. we had a suuuuuuuper powerful lesson with them, and they straight up told us we were sent from God and they needed our help coming closer to Jesus Christ. so we got a return appointment, and on our way out "JO" said "oh, and guys...don't ever come in the way you did earlier, that was incredibly dangerous. call me first. those dogs, especially the big one, are super violent. they have been known to bite and hurt people. you guys were super lucky, i don't understand why they didn't hurt you." it was a miracle man, it was so sweet haha. 

next set of people we found was in the same night. we were continuing to knock some potential investigators doors, and we got up to this door and realized we had talked to the people outside just a couple weeks earlier, and they weren't interested...but we decided to knock it anyways, and sure enough, this girl named "V" answered. she let us in and her ENTIRE family was there. all EIGHT of them. we taught them all, and they were super interested. we also set 3 of them with baptismal dates, and they want us coming 2-3 times a week. we taught them a few times after that, too.

finally, we were knocking on a less active's door the following day, and this guy named"J"  answered. we told the man that we were looking for someone who lived there, and he was like "uhh, no...nobody with that name has lived here" and so we were like "oh, our bad. well hey, can we come in real quick and share a message?" and he was like "yeah sure." so he let us in and we taught him, his buddy, and his buddy's sister and her kid. they were DOPE. they were super interested! i was blown away, it worked super well. we got a return appointment with them too, and they kept the appointment. so awesome. funny thing is, as we were walking out, we realized we knocked on the wrong door...the less active who we were looking for actually lived one house to the right. crazy how that worked out, right?

anyways, that's all for me this week! hope y'all have a great week! love ya!

Elder Snow

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