Monday, June 9, 2014


hello everyone! 

So, this week was a little slower and tougher than others, gonna be honest with ya. Everything seemed to fall through and we didn't seem to get many lessons. Elder vega and I spent a lot of time outdoors in the 100 degree heat, knocking doors of potentials and former investigators and not getting in. But, we kept trying. Despite the "lack" of success we seemed to be having, we didn't let it get us down, and we kept working as hard as we could for the Lord, and we were definitely blessed for it! 

This Sunday, it was pouring rain as we got to church. Elder Vega and I got a little worried - usually when it rains people kind of decide they can't come to church that day. We were thinking that some of our investigators may not show up. MAN, were we wrong!  We had 7 investigators at church! Not only that, but two ENTIRE less active families that we hadn't even seen this week made it to church as well! One, a family of 8, and the other family of 5.  We didn't even get by to see them this week, but they came! It was fantastic. One family even said that they were planning on coming regularly again! How great is that?!

Alright here's the top miracle of the week. It's a two part miracle. Saturday night we were meeting with the “M” family, and after a fantastic spiritual lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, we invited them to be baptized. They all accepted, and we set them for a date for the 5th of July! Although it's not a for sure for sure date, it's not completely set in stone, it's a huge step for them to make, and we're super excited! Then, the next day, at church they're doing ward business, and the 2nd counselor says "Brother and Sister “M” have been called as cub scout masters, all in favor, please manifest it." Elder Vega and I just about lost our minds. WHAT!? Our investigators have been coming so regularly that they received CALLINGS in the church! And, they accepted! How insane is that??!?! Blew us away. They’re not even members yet, but they have callings in the church. SO so fantastic.

Other than that, I spent quite a bit of time on the bike this week and got a little sunburnt. That’s okay though, it was a great week.  We have 5 investigators with a baptismal date and 7 investigators at church (or more) every week! Elder Vega and I even got a call out in president's weekly email, super cool!

Anyways, have a great week! Love you! later! 


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