Monday, June 16, 2014


JUNE 16, 2014


So, this week we set some more baptism dates! We set “N”, “P”, and “K” (family) with a date for the 12th of July. We're super excited! “N” is 10 years old, so she would be the only convert baptism, but we're still super super excited! Also, I heard that the “P” family that I taught in 1st ward is getting baptized either the 5th or 12 of July, and also the “Mc” family is getting baptized the 5th of July.  That’s like 10 baptisms in July! How awesome is that?!?!  I’m so excited; so so excited.

Side note: if you all didn't know, the Spurs won. Dad, you were right.. you told me I'd become a spurs fan on my mission. I didn't believe you. I'm definitely a spurs fan - haha. 

We taught a lot of lessons this week! We're super excited. We've been blessed so much in this area, and it's so motivating to keep working hard when you see success like that. Setting dates with investigators and having lessons, there's just nothing better!

We had a lesson with the “Mc” family this week on eternal families. We decided to have a whole lesson on it and talk about that and the temple. It went great. We really got to see what their questions and concerns were. The BEST part about it though was that he and his wife prayed together.  Sister “M” told us they had a great experience and definitely felt the spirit when they did it. She said they felt a lot of peace with their decisions so far, which is great! We’re so happy for them.

I'll have you all know that I’ve re-dedicated myself for the next month to go hard in the paint, fitness wise. I've been lifting 3 days a week and running 2 miles a morning, two a days a week, and biking all day, but now I’m really gonna push it and be super strict with my diet. I've slacked a little bit – I still eat real healthy at the apartment, but I've been cheating too much on dinners and meals with members/investigators. So, I wrote up a diet and workout plan and I’m sticking to it! Hopefully, I see some good results!

That's about it for me this week. Hope you all have a great week!
Love you!
Elder Snow

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