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JUNE 2, 2014

hello hello! It’s been a great week everybody! Here's the highlights:

Last Monday, we were doing some stop-bys, and some pest control guy was also knocking doors in this neighborhood.  He sees us and comes up to us, and lo and behold, he's a return missionary! Super cool guy, super nice, and turns out that he was a big baseball player in college, and he's actually the nephew of Coach Littlewood, the BYU baseball head coach! He told me he'd put in a good word for me! ahha it was super sweet. It's crazy how many cool people you meet in the mission.

Okay, I'm kinda running low on time, so I'll be quick. This week was pretty dang hot. It's touching close to 100 degrees, and that's getting pretty rough on the bike, not gonna lie! 20+ miles a day in full church clothes and a 10-15 pound bag on a bike in 100 can imagine how sweaty I am, knocking on people’s doors.  But, it’s okay, we're having fun working hard! 

This week we met with “J”, the “M” family, and the “S” family. All of these people are ready to be baptized, we just have to set dates with them. We met with “J”, and we committed him to live the law of chastity, and we also taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s so frikken golden, it's legit! He's had NO problems with any of the commandments! He's set for the 14th of Jun, so we're all super super excited to see that happen!

The “M” family: man, they're amazing. They’re all so ready to be baptized. Yesterday, being fast Sunday, I did a special, specific fast for brother “M” to receive his answer that the church was true at church. We’re meeting with them tonight and we're going to talk about faith from alma 32, and later this week we're going to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and we're going to try to set them with a date to be baptized. I feel good about this one guys! I think we'll be able to set them with a date this week! I mean, heck, they've been to church like 10 times! They’re gonna be putting their oldest daughter through seminary next year, they're already pretty much LDS! It’s gonna happen soon, I promise!

Finally, we met with the “S” family. Brother “S” has 3 young granddaughters all of baptismal age that have been taught everything. They're fantastic, and they're all ready to be baptized. We just have to set a date with them and that’s that! They’ll be baptized.

So in the upcoming month or 2, I’m counting about 9 baptisms! super cool!

Alright, I got one more little story for you before I leave. This week we were trying to contact a former investigator, and it was just sooo hot that day.  As we're walking up to this door we're just super tired and exhausted and probably not in the best mood.  As we walk up we see this little Chihuahua looking dog, and it seemed super nice and didn't bark at us or anything, so we're like "oh man, a nice dog that isn't yapping at us? This lady lucked out!" so we knock the door, and there’s like a metal screen door and a regular door, so she opens the first door and has the screen still closed, and this dog just starts losing its freaking mind barking and yapping and jumping on the screen door over and over trying to get in the house. The lady, who's in a wheelchair is apologizing to us and we're like "oh no its okay, want us to let him in for you?" and she was like "well, no, he's not my dog."

So, we're just super confused at this point. This dog is ruining the entire contact. We can't get a word in to this lady.  She's trying to get him to go home and he's not leaving, so she says "one minute, I'll go get him a treat to see if he'll leave" so she wheels around the corner, brings a treat, and tosses it outside and he doesn't even skip a beat with barking and jumping on the screen door. He didn't care for the treat at all. So, Elder Vega is about to reach down and grab him and she's like "nonono watch out he'll bite!" So Elder Vega tried to scoot him with his foot, and this little turd just bit the heck out of Elder Vegas’ shoe! We’re like “holllyyyyy smokes, this thing is mean”! Then, he keeps jumping on the door. The lady pretty much tells us she isn't interested, but she asks us if we'd like a drink because we're sweating like crazy, and I was like "yes, yes we'd love some." As SOON as she wheels around the corner, I may or may not have given that flyer a little love tap with my foot.

After being in 1st ward for 6 weeks with wild dogs, i do noooooot like dogs anymore. The dog gets up and starts coming at me again and I just stared it down and ran at it, and it started booking it away. Then I grabbed its treat because it stopped, and I just pegged it with the dog treat, and he started running again. The lady came back with some cokes and she was like "oh he went away?" I just smiled and was like "oh yeah, he left." and then we rode our bikes to our next appointment haha. 

Well, that was my week! Hope you guys have a good one!

See ya!
 ~ Elder Snow

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